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一台220 kV变压器总烃超标分析及处理

来源:电工电气发布时间:2016-03-15 11:15 浏览次数:318

一台220 kV变压器总烃超标分析及处理 

郑州供电公司,河南 郑州 450006 

摘 要: 通过对变压器油定期化验分析,提前发现变压器内部故障,判断故障原因并及时处理故障, 避免了一次重大设备损坏事故。油色谱分析作为变压器故障分析的一种手段非常有效,但还应综合考虑其他试验结果及现场具体情况。在变压器的运行维护中,应定期对其附属设备进行检查,避免设备超期服役造成的故障。1# 主变大修后各项指标没有明显增长,保证了变压器的安全稳定运行。
关键词: 变压器油;油色谱分析;烃超标
中图分类号:TM407 文献标识码:B 文章编号:1007-3175(2013)03-0034-03

Analysis and Treatment of Total Hydrocarbon Overweight in a 220 kV Main Transformer 

ZHAO Quan-sheng, SHAO Qing-hua, SONG Jian-hui, ZUO Kui-Sheng, LIU Xin-hai 
Zhengzhou Electric Power Company, Zhengzhou 450006, China 

Abstract: Periodical assay and analysis of transformer oil made interior fault of transformers detected in advance, fault causes judged and fault processed in time, which avoided a great damage to equipment. Oil chromatographic analysis was a kind of good way of transformers fault analysis, but the other testing result and onsite conditions should still be considered comprehensively. During the maintenance of transformers operation, periodical inspections were carried out for the transformers accessory equipment to avoid fault due to extended activity duty of equipment. After the number one main transformer was overhauled, each index of the transformer had no obvious increase, which ensures safe and stable operation of the transformer.
Key words: transformer oil; oil chromatographic analysis; hydrocarbon overweight

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