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(中广核集团苏州热工研究院有限公司,江苏 苏州 215004)
    摘 要:核电厂利用红外成像技术可成功发现和干预变压器在运期间重大设备隐患。通过具体案例,介绍了红外成像技术在核电变压器日常运维中的经验和方法,具体分析利用红外成像技术发现变压器低压套管升高座法兰螺栓过热,变压器低压套管仓外测量发现套管电连接过热,诊断变压器油枕油位异常报警的真实性及发现变压器消防管通过环流过热烧蚀等案例,并提出了红外成像技术应用过程中应注意的事项。
   中图分类号:TM407     文献标识码:B     文章编号:1007-3175(2020)01-0029-04
Application of Infrared Imaging Technology in Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Power Transformers
FENG Yu-hui
(Suzhou Thermal Research Institute Co., Ltd, China General Nuclear Power Group, Suzhou 215004, China)
    Abstract: The major equipment hazards could be successfully discovered and interfered with the infrared imaging technology used in the nuclear power plant during the operation of multiple transformers.Introduction was made to the experience and method of infrared imaging technology in daily operation and maintenance of nuclear power transformer through some specific cases.This paper concretely analyzed that the application of infrared imaging technology could diagnose the overheating flange bolt in ascending flanged base of transformers lowvoltage drivepipe and the outside bin of transformers low-voltage drivepipe could be measured to discover the overheating electric connection of drivepipe, so as to diagnose that the oil level abnormity warning of transformers expansion tank was truth and to discover the circulation overheating ablation of transformers fire annihilator pipe etc cases.This paper proposes the attentive matters in the application process of
infrared imaging technology.
    Key words: infrared imaging; nuclear power; transformer; application
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