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一起330 kV母线差动保护误动原因分析研究

来源:电工电气发布时间:2019-09-19 10:19 浏览次数:112
一起330 kV母线差动保护误动原因分析研究
(1 国网拉萨供电公司,西藏 拉萨 850000;2 国网西咸新区供电公司,陕西 西安 712000)
    摘 要:针对青海电网某330 kV变电站330 kV母线差动保护误动故障情况,介绍了事故前运行方式及保护配置,结合现场设备具体情况对造成母线差动保护动作的原因进行了分析,指出此次330 kV #2母线上断路器跳闸的直接原因是由于检修试验人员在3342断路器的C相电流互感器接线盒处检修时,触及C相电流互感器接线盒内母差保护RCS-915E所用的第三绕组接线柱导致的。提出了反事故措施及建议,确保设备安全稳定运行。
    中图分类号:TM645.1+1     文献标识码:B     文章编号:1007-3175(2019)09-0033-03
Analysis of Misoperation Causes of 330 kV Bus Differential Protection
TIAN Yin-gang1, FENG Xiao-jia2
(1 State Grid Lhasa Electric Power Supply Company, Lhasa 850000, China;
2 State Grid Xixian New Area Electric Power Supply Company, Xi’an 712000, China)
    Abstract: Aiming at the faulty situation of 330 kV bus differential protection in certain 330 kV substation of Qinghai Power Grid, this paper introduced the operation mode and protection configuration before the accident happened.Combining the specific conditions of the field equipment, this paper analyzed the causes of the bus differential protection action. It is pointed out that the immediate cause of 330 kV bus No.2 breaker tripping is that the overhaul personnel touches the third winding binding post used in bus differential protection RCS-915E of C-phase current transformer junction box while they are overhauling the C-phase current transformer junction box of 3342 circuit breaker. The anti-accident measures and suggestions are proposed to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.
    Key words: busbar; differential protection; anti-accident measures
[1] 赵靖英,王海涛,李文华,等. 电力系统继电保护装置的可靠性试验研究[C]//2009 年第三届电工产品可靠性与电接触国际会议,2009:506-509.
[2] 陈波. 电力系统继电保护的故障分析及处理措施[J]. 科技创新与应用,2014(4):132.


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