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(南京南瑞继保电气有限公司,江苏 南京 211102)
    摘 要:物联网是连接到互联网上的物理对象或事物的网络,这些对象可以通过高速、泛在和双向的数字通信,单独或与其他对象协作来感知、分析、控制和决定。对基于物联网的智能电网进行了阐述,探讨了物联网融合的智能电网体系结构及其无线通信技术和大数据在物联智能电网中的应用,并提出了物联网面临的挑战和未来的研究方向。
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Technology Application and International Development Trend of Internet of Ubiquitous
Things and Its Smart Grid Integration
ZHAO Zhong-yuan
(NR Electric Co., Ltd, Nanjing 2111 02, China)
    Abstract: Internet of things is a network of physical objects or things connected to the internet. Such objects can be sensed, analyzed, controlled and decided individually or in collaboration with other objects through high speed, ubiquitous and two-way digital communications. This paper expounded the smart grid based on internet of things, discussed the smart grid architectures of the internet of things as well as their wireless communication technologies and big data application in internet of things smart grid and proposed the challenges and future research direction faced by the internet of things.
    Key words: internet of things; smart grid; wireless communication; big data
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